G4 System (G4S, pronounced as “G-Force”) is the 4th generation of tools and techniques for solving every imaginable software conversion problem (standardization, unifying, beautifying and normalization of complex application systems) in an automated way. The result is always improved efficiency, reduced software maintenance costs, upgraded and enhanced insight, overview, and better basis for maintenance engineers. Whether the motive is changing from one platform to the other or implementation of more flexible development languages or decreasing the Total Cost Of Ownership, G4/Migrator offers effective help. The latter is achieved by decomposing application software systems into syntactical structures, which are analyzed to derive semantics of code, structure and data. This results in complete and transparent views of the entire system, across all thinkable system relationships. Design ‘secrets’ and undocumented features will be revealed, not needing heavily skilled software developers anymore for doing maintenance work. G4 provides in addition for a platform, in which maintenance issues can be dealt with ranging from the initial language definition up to the final solution. Whether it is an application system wide analysis using G4/Repository (i.e. G4/Analysor) or the conversion of a legacy system to a 4th generation language environment through G4/Migrator, G4 will serve that purpose.
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