Lightyear's New Technology
Our newest technology addressed as G4s (Geforce) applies to major areas in IT. With G4s the customer regains control and saves cost in the area of:

Application Maintenance & Control
Migration & Conversion
Source Analysis & Documentation
Project Control & Quality Assurance
Static & Dynamic Testing
Audit & Second Opinion
Outsourcing & Outtasking Support
Strategic Component Reuse & Recycling
The final objective of G4 is to outperform in the area of maintenance, conversion & test in order to definitely set the lowest price for Total Cost of Ownership.
Modernization, Beautification or Conversion from any language to any language with the Cornerstone G4/Technology, generic and fully automated.
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Advantages of G4s Technology

Realize the business value of your information

Advantages of G4 Technology!
  • Fastest ever (1.106 LOC's in just 16 minutes converted).
  • Any conceivable detail abstracted from the source.
  • A standard data model as basis for all analyses.
  • Fully programmable and dynamic parsers, so no recompilation of parsers.
  • Any language can be parsed. A new language only takes 1-2 weeks to prepare.
  • Because of the standard object model, the conversion engine for any outgoing target code needs to be developed just once. With G4 we have already generated Cobol, Magic, Oracle (Oracle Designer) and Powerhouse. (Java, C and C++ are in the pipeline).

    Conversions get so much attention because it is much more spectacular to see source code changed in the wink of an eye. But not less important is the solution for the everlasting effort of maintenance and test. Whatever the momentary emphasis at the customer side need to be, G4 addresses all these fields effectively. G4 has definitely set new milestones in speed, pricing and quality.

    Selected features that deliver these valuable benefits to your business include:

  • Any complex conversion done without ‘freezing’ applications.
  • The converted results are according to the customer defined standards.
  • Thousands of converted programs end up, well aligned, uniformly, documented and prepared for easy maintenance.
  • With G4 the conversion volume is totally independent of any human capacity available
  • The conversion process is repeatable so it can be used for ‘Big-Bang’ approaches and ‘no-freeze’ strategies.
  • The fully automated conversion, prevents mistakes like typing errors or other violations against the program and business-rule logic, as you may expect in a manual conversion. This again, saves valuable testing time.
  • Because G4 is multilingual for input as well as the choice for target languages, the conversion from practically every language to every other language is possible.
  • Programs may contain embedded languages; G4 can handle this because it will automatically start another parser within the main parser.
  • In addition to profound code & statement conversion with G4 we are able to address and transform the structure and architecture of application software.
“fully automated conversions from one programming language to another”
G4 Migrator

Rough explanation of conversion strategy

  • Specify the parser of the application tro be converted.
  • Analyse all syntax constructs that need attention.
  • Specify the conversion rules toward the target platform.
  • Configure the conversion engine.
  • Do a test conversion of some major programs (pilot project).
  • Refine the conversion rules and adjust the conversion engine.
  • Extend the conversion volume and do a test with data involved.
  • Refine the conversion rules and adjust the conversion engine.
  • Redo the data-driven program test, if OK:
  • Get the total volume of LOC’s through. Have a coffee meanwhile.
  • Test the result with live data; compare results ‘old’ versus ‘new’.
  • Evaluate any differences and adjust the conversion engine.
  • Redo until new = old.
  • Total cycle takes 3 weeks for conventional programming languages e.g. PL/1 to Cobol and a maximum of 5 - 7 weeks for more exotic languages like RPG to Magic, UnifAce, OracleDesigner, Cobol to J2EE, C#.NET etc.
  • Take-of for the next project, until you are promoted because of excellent business generation, and don’t forget to mention G4s to your successor and of course your clients.



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